Twisted Mix Tape-My Summer musical montage



So Twisted Mix Tape is back!! I’m excited and ready for the challenge….besides, I’ve been having blogging brain toots and this is the perfect thing to get me going.

My summer was filled with music of all sorts but to be honest with you the ones that I can’t get out of my head are my cumbia oldies but goodies….mostly because my boyfriend recently joined a conjunto band named  Conjunto Sereno and I get excited and sentimental when I hear music that reminds me of my family, growing up, and my days as a quincenera cumbia dancing queen LOL, or so I want to believe that my dancing abilities blow everyone away. Conjunto/ Tejano  is danced a lot different than cumbias so the bf has to push me to dance, but I always secretly want to. There’s a lot of competition from all the old fogies. It’s intimidating!

So, I have spent my summer being chicle (bubble gum) to my boyfriend. I’ve been going with him to the gigs and he LOVES  it,  but wants to be all cool about me being chicle. I’m glad that he’s opened the door of conjunto music for me and I always enjoy hearing him practice….gives me time to blog and get things done.  Anyways, my mix tape is a combination of songs Conjunto Sereno covers. One, because I can’t get them out of my head. Two, because I wanted to post the originals, the way I remember while growing up, but mostly because I have yet to record a gig of theirs….and also because I get a kick out of these music videos.

1. La del Mono Colorado- Los Pedernales.

2. Te He Prometo_ Leo Dan

3.  El Coco Rayado- Ruben Vela

4. Golpes en el Corazon- Los Tigres del Norte

5. Mi Destino- Conjunto Sereno

So while I was looking on YouTube I found this song. My BF caught me singing it the other day while doing laundry.


Music is food for the soul

I went with my mom to the bank last Friday and as we were at the drive thru a wonderful feeling came over me, it was a savory one… my mouth watered. I swear that when I turned my head a finger shaped cloud of fog, that probably tasted like fried chicken,  was teasing me telling me to come hither … Oh, how I’ve missed you Bushes fried chicken. Images of succulent,  crispy gizzards danced in my head. I don’t know how many times I said, “Mmmm, Que Rico.”  I raved to my mami the whole way back home about how all their crispy covered everything tasted so yummy.  Today, again, we went to the bank and the events that transpired were much like last Fridays. The same savory sensations, mouth watery memories of gizzards and crispy chicken skin teasing me, the sweetest diabetic inducing tea, delicious….tantalizing…juicy chicken thighs……

So as my mami drove me home, with out any tasty crispy fried chicken,  the only thing that came to mind was to sing Zac Brown’s ” You know I love my chicken fried, a cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right.”  I chuckled…then my ma says “Que Tienes.” LOL Continue reading