La Cosecha



On my way home from work I had to stop to admire the scenery. I couldn’t help but to thank mi Diosito. Too often I zoom past these green pastures, vivacious clouds, and laid back cows.  Today, I stopped. I leaned on the hood of my car for a bit, took a deep breath of  clean country air, and felt the Texas summer breeze on my face.  I feel that my life is coming full circle. I find it so refreshing because this has been a period of great growth for me. All aspects of my life were defined these last 6 years. Now, I find myself in the process of getting moved into the classroom I once started in. I find myself beautifully enlightened.  I find myself being surprised, at work,  with beautiful roses from an old love and the only thing I feel is love and forgiveness in my heart instead of the anger I felt for so long.  I find myself in the same place I use to be at, but this time… I am different. I am stronger. I am grateful.


I, Pancho Lopez, find myself on this deserted island.

Mi barca, broken down after roughing the insolent storms of mid morning.

Who is that creature, con polos de ellote, staring at me?





A lot of stress inducing things went on yesterday,  but when I woke up this morning I found myself thinking about how happy I was that my friend Mandy’s baby boy was on his way and of my parents wild blooming cactus/flower garden. I had never seen their front yard bloom with flowers like that. Both are a sign, from Diosito, of new life…renewal…of hope. Brings me much joy and comfort knowing that life is blooming all around.  So, if you’ve been feeling like life is full of darkness…step outside..open your eyes…look around you…and bask in the healing light of the sun…and you will find yourself surrounded with hope. Life comes to a full circle, my papi always said, as the seasons change, so does life, and spring will come again.



So I feel I’m being held hostage by Mr. Skunk. I opened the back door to go outside and I was greeted by a skunk ass staring right at me. I closed the screen door a chingas and ran like I just heard the paletero. My house is old so my running caused a earthquake. All there was for me to do was say “Fe fi fo fum”, instead I screamed, “Aye Chinga“….I guess the do never made it out my mouth….my house shook, my foot steps rumbled, my shelves rattled, and a picture frame that I have on a shelf fell. Mr. Skunk is out to get me!!