My name is  Lili. I’m a proud Latina, a gordita with a tendency to be a tad-bit dramatica . To justify this, I blame it on my uncontrollable Mexican genes. It runs in the family and since I can’t fight it, might as well join it.  I’m a first generation Texan with parents who came to this wonderful country in search of hope. Recently, after 30 years of living in the dark, I’ve opened my heart to that same kind of hope. I have a new found urgency to put my thought, struggles, and imperfections out into the universe.   This blog’s intentions are just that; a confession of a woman who’s embracing healthy life style, spirituality, all the ups and down of life .


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Love, love, love your blog!!! I can relate on so many different levels, especially the “new found urgency” to put it all down. Years from now, people will say, “She left her mark,” and I hope they include us both when they speak it. Peace, ~victoria

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