My dancing partner is taking a break. I’m suppose to be cleaning w/ the broom but who can say no to dancing to Celoso by Toppaz.

This song brings back childhood memories of being in Mexico. Spending summers with my prima Laura… Driving down my abuelita Lilia’s callejon. Potholes everywhere, my body swaying from the bumps, the tienditas where I always went to buy my coca cola and rancheritos passing by . The bright sun’s heat coming in through my Tio Carlos blue van. Looking out the window and feeling comfortably home. I miss my Mexico…

As this memory beautifully plays in my mind,  somber  memories creep up…dancing drunk to this song, tears rolling down after drinking a bottle of wine start coming to me…. cleaning brokenhearted. Closing my eyes…singing at the top of my lungs,  para desahogarme. Swaying my body to sooth my soul…. and only to find myself opening my eyes to an Islander’s deceiving smile.

In the end, This song….music…. has seen my heart’s most inconsolable collapses and my most treasured joys.






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    • Thank you I’m so honored! It brings great joy knowing that people read my blog…I thought I was just talking to the vastness of the internet universe 😛 Thank you so much!!

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