A momentary Hasta Luego…


So this is the last, for a while,  of the Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday and I’m quite sad that there will be a break.  I have never been fond of good byes…or change…or letting go… or anything in general that causes something or someone not to be in my life, good or bad. Although I’m sadden, I do know that sometimes we need to walk away for a moment or forever.   Its no secret, for I truthfully blog, that I dip my toes in the insanity pool and  Twisted Mix-Tape has been an outlet for my anxiety, for my escandalos,  for my issues, for my emotions, for all those memories that I’ve forgotten or can’t forget.  Every hurdle in my life, every heartache, every joyous moment I pair it with a song.  I have a horrible memory and often I forget beautiful or sad memories until I hear a song that I’ve associated it with. I’m most grateful  to Jen and to Twisted Mix-Tape for those beautiful, sad, happy, crazy, old memories that have come back and graced me.
The theme for this Mix-Tape is Farewell/Missing you and here are the songs…. I mixed it up…

1. Moscas en la casa/Flies in the house- Shakira
I’ve loved Shakira from the first moment in 1996 when I heard “Donde estas corazon.”  I remember my friends giving me faces and not knowing who she was and I would try to explain to them how beautiful her music was. I have always had a love for her earlier music. I love Loba and Hips don’t lie but in my opinion, her best work is when she writes of matters of the heart. Moscas en la casa talks about a lover who has gone away and she sings that her days…. “without you have no nights, if one appears it’s useless to sleep…my days with out you are a waste, they have no beginning or end…lacking air….filled with nothing….unusable junk…trash on the floor….moscas en la casa. “

This next song is a cover done by Cafe Tacuba. The original, that I remember, is by Leo Dan. My childhood summers were often spent in Rio Bravo, Mexico. I always stayed at my cousin Laura’s house. Her mom, my Tia Cecilia, would take us to my grandma Lilia’s house on the weekends. I remember on sunny days she would take this old radio my grandpa had and pop in a Leo Dan tape. I remember her washing and hanging clothes…my clothes too… and singing. The clothes on the line swaying back and forth…my grandma sitting on a bench stitching and my grandpa on a rocker…My cousin Laura and I drinking a Coca and eating rancheritos.
I was torn between posting the original or the cover…but I didn’t want to bore anyone with my oldies…
Sometimes I think that you’ll never come
But I love you and I need to wait for you
This destiny takes me till the end
to where one day it will find you, my love

2.Como te extrano/How I miss you- cover by Cafe Tacuba


This song was once dedicated to me by someone whom I loved so much but needed to let go. No matter how much you know that people can not return…there is always that part of your heart that misses the beautiful times that were spent together. Bittersweet departures are sometimes necessary. This one is for the love…for that person… that once chiseled his way into my guarded heart.

If you think of me
if you miss me once in awhile
Then I’ll return to you
I’ll return and fill that space in your heart.

3. The Promise-Tracy Chapman

So I think I went in,neck deep, into the somber pool right now. This next song is so sad, It makes me depressed LOL! I had no intentions of taking this route but sometimes its hard saying good-bye and even harder for someone to tell you good bye….and also, this song stuck out during my Mix-Tape  brainstorming session.

4. Hand on your heart- cover by Jose Gonzalez

Put your hand on your heart
And tell me it’s all over
I won’t believe it till you
Put your hand on your heart
And tell me that we’re through

Last but not least…[Santa] Selena may she rest in peace. You’re not a true Tejano until you’ve gone to a Quincenera and danced to Selena’s music…doing her signature twirls and “Como La Flor” hands….

5.Missing my baby- Selena


2 thoughts on “A momentary Hasta Luego…

  1. How many times can I thank you for introducing me to so much wonderful music? You are like my personal concierge of latino music. Your stories are so wonderful too, I can’t listen to sad music because of the memories they bring. Too bad sad songs can’t remind you have happy times, right?
    Of course, Tracy Chapman and Selena I know…
    But loved hearing Shakira that way and also loved the Cafe Tacuba, now I have to track down the “oldie” LOL.
    I do promise I will be back. Once a month will be easier for everyone, and I should be able to get my life in order between now and September 😉

    • I’m a big cry baby and a wimp lol… I cry with sad songs even if they don’t pertain to me. I’ll post the oldie on FB. I really love the oldie better but only because of the memories. I can’t wait till you’re back!! Hope you get, everything you need to get, in order. We will all be anxiously waiting!!!

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