The essence of Maná


I decided to dedicate this lyric genius MixTape to Maná. Maná is a Mexican rock/pop  group who’s music revolves around speaking the truth of  love, saving mother earth, freedom, spirituality.  Its a shame that there is no literal emotional word translation for Spanish. The passionate mixture of words, rhythm, pace, and intensity, is what gives the Spanish music its spirit. Call me crazy, but when I find music that hits that perfect spot  in the corners of my soul… All I want is for that person to feel the same emotional pull.  I love being  impacted by music. Most of the time I find myself passionately, overtaken, and in love with the lyrics.  I find myself loving the words even if I can’t directly, with my  life experience, relate to that particular song.  Maná is the one band that always  does that for me. Their combination of beats and lyrics make for the perfect mixture of musical poetry.  Mana’s, and I say Mana because everyone in that group has collaborated musically…Their lyrics always speak to me in ways that move me. I think I’m taking this MixTape a little too serious…but I love analyzing and exploring meaning behind words. Music heals…it transports you…Its like poetry to me….

I believe with all my heart that there is a rhyme and reason for everything.  People come into our lives and each one has a purpose for us.  For heartache, for love, for friendship,or for only a short moment. This song is about meeting that person, who takes your loneliness away…a friend or a lover

Bendito el lugar, y el motivo de estar ahí,
Bendita la coincidencia,
Bendito el reloj, que nos puso puntual ahí,
Bendita sea tu presencia.

Blessed be the place, and the reason to be there
Blessed be the coincidence
Blessed be the clock, which took us there at the nick of time
Blessed be your presence

1. Bendita Tu Luz ft Juan Luis Guerra – Blessed be your light

This next lyrics speak to me because I’m in search for spirituality. I grew with a traditional catholic mom and a very spiritually open-minded dad who always said to me, “You choose your belief.”  Well…I was confused for most of my 20’s untill one day, I finally saw the light…and now, I’ve somehow have managed to happily marry both beliefs. Part of my culture is the acceptance of people, curanderos, who help you heal spiritually. Sometimes you are forced to throw logic out the window.  By the hand of Diosito, you meet… or seek special people who help heal your soul and guide you in times of confusion.  I’m a traditional non- traditionalist, lol…I don’t like talking about religion because I’m extremely open minded to all cultures and religious beliefs…I can only understand myself.

Jamas dejes de amar,  dejes de sonar, que el amor es todo.

Never stop loving, stop dreaming, because love is everything.

This is about the lead vocalist, Fher, who went to the Amazon on a spiritual journey looking for light and truth. He met a Shaman and the lyrics basically give an account of what the spiritual guide told him.

2. El Chaman- The Shaman


This next song is, I can not describe how beautiful it uses symbolism. I feel I’m back in college, in my literature class, trying to explain the essence of Gustavo Becquer’s  Rima LXXVII- Dices que tienes corazon and no one understands my passion because they can not comprehend the language. This song is called mariposa traicionera which translates to betraying butterfly. So this might get a little rated R..continue at your own discretion…  There is a part that I love, it is the comparison of a loose woman opening her thighs to a butterfly opening her colorful wings. Sounds ugly thinking about it that way, I mean, its talking about a slut… but if you are a lover of poetry, you will see what I mean. In the end, the guy releases the “butterfly” and tells her to fly amor, fly pain…Aye, pain, I cried you a river…

I guess I love that there is a mixture of beautiful and ugly. This has to be probably one of my all time  favorite melodies….and its paired with lyrics that talk about a loose woman who’s going from lover to lover like a butterfly would go from flower to flower.

abres tus alitas, muslos de colores, donde se posan tus amores.

You open your wings, thighs of colors, where your lovers pose.


3. Mariposa Traicionera- Betraying Butterfly



Sometimes I watch too much news and I find myself depressed. I see and hear about horrible things that people are doing to others, to themselves, to children, to our earth…and it makes me sad to think that people are so cruel. Then, I take a look at my nephews, at the children at work that make me laugh each and every day, I think about all the people that I know are working towards a better world and I see the hope in all. We have all been through a storm and have weathered it. This song talks about esperanza, hope,…the rain washes away all pain and the sun propels hope.

Un huracan y una mariposa, se dan la cara en miedo del mar.

A hurricane and a butterfly meet face to face in the middle of the sea.

4. Lluvia al corazon- Rain to the heart


I am a first generation American. My parents came here in search for a better life for their children. Immigration is a very controversial topic these days…and most of the time I don’t put my 2 cents in around strangers unless I absolutely can not hold it in…  but let me tell you  that  because my parents decided to immigrate, I have better life. One thing is constant on this Earth, and that is hope…there is always hope for a better life… My parents raised us to show respect, not take advantage of America, to work for what we get, to give thanks…we might have been poor…but we had the love of 2 parents who wished the world of us…. I have 5 sisters and all of us have degrees, support ourselves, give thanks, and all earn a honest living. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege to do all those things and are stuck in a place of oppression, where they can’t live freely. I see it on the news all the time and I am ashamed to say that I try to turn my head because sometimes its painful to watch… but I force myself to  always look…because we can not deny that everyone who dreams,  loves, and hopes deserves to freely speak, love, and have faith no matter what race or country they live in… This song speaks of seeking respect and dignity…listen to my song, listen to my cry…revolution of love….

My favorite part of this song says,

“Hermanos y hermanas de otras razas…
de otro color y un mismo corazón”
rezas y rezas y nada enderezas
por eso hagamos la revolución, de amor.”

Brother and sisters of other races
Of another color and of a same heart
You pray and you pray and nothing straitens
For that reason, let’s have a revolution of love

5: Justicia, Tierra, y Libertad ft Carlos Santana- Justice, Land, and Liberty



Ok, so this concludes Mana Lit 101…Lol…I think that I displayed a little bit too much passion for this theme. One day I will find someone who understands the essence of Mana…sigh…. 😛





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