Confessions of a Pandora junkie



So I been listing to a lot of Celso Pina Pandora radio. He’s been my driving buddy, my cleaning compadre, my shower companion… It was like Diosito blessed me with the most perfect station…well, until I accidentally pressed “like” on one of the songs with my big fat thumb. Then Celso Pina station was never the same…..

I cried, I’m not gonna lie but after a moment of grief for my perfect station I heard something I hadn’t heard since the early 2000’s….when I was a wee little girl in the middle the rising  of the reggeton/reggae/ska and cumbia/ska age. I love when I’m transported back into time by music. My first memories were: Driving my mom’s soccer mom van because my car broke, Myspace and their little juke box I had Bossy by Lindsay Lohan…but don’t judge…, and going to the Bonham with my gay friends then stuffing our faces at 3am at this chinnese/mexican place called China Star. They have the most delicious sesame chicken.

Looking back on those times makes me think about how fun those days were….but that was 10ish years ago and now  this is what my Saturday’s look like….


and I’m quite happy and content eating my Lay’s with Tapatio and drinking some wine.

So this Mixtape is a mix of the ska/reggae  influenced long lost music I heard on Pandora after my fat thumb mistakenly pressed like…and to you, big fat thumb, thank you….


1. Los Rabanes- Senorita a mi me gusta tu style





2. Cafe Quijano- La Lola

By the grace of Diosito Los Chicos de Barrio’s cover of La Lola came out right after Cafe Quijano. This was truly a miracle and not a coincidence…I loved this song…I love them both…Chicos de Barrio covered La Lola a few years after Cafe Quijano came out with it….Plus, this song reminds me of my little sister, well, not little anymore. I remember going to the beach and we were trying to get over a sand dune and we started joking around singing La Lola. She was dancing chuntaro style,…hunched back, short steps…Every time I hear this song I remember that day at the beach.

3. Chicos De Barrio- La Lola

I was super excited to hear this cover. Growing up my oldest sister loved La Mafia and Me Estoy Enamorando was a song of theirs I’ve always loved.

4. Inspector-Me estoy enamorando

5. Manu Chao- Me Gusta Tu


5 thoughts on “Confessions of a Pandora junkie

  1. I love you! And I will miss you all spring and summer because I LOVE the music you turn me on to! Promise me that when you post about music you will put the link in our facebook group!
    Also, do you know you can “fix” your Pandora station? You can login online and go to the station and change the songs you thumbed up, and actually thumb down songs and artists automatically and all kinds of stuff!

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