A lot of stress inducing things went on yesterday,  but when I woke up this morning I found myself thinking about how happy I was that my friend Mandy’s baby boy was on his way and of my parents wild blooming cactus/flower garden. I had never seen their front yard bloom with flowers like that. Both are a sign, from Diosito, of new life…renewal…of hope. Brings me much joy and comfort knowing that life is blooming all around.  So, if you’ve been feeling like life is full of darkness…step your eyes…look around you…and bask in the healing light of the sun…and you will find yourself surrounded with hope. Life comes to a full circle, my papi always said, as the seasons change, so does life, and spring will come again.



Pure Drunken Bliss

I spent my 31st birthday surrounded by people I love and who love me wholeheartedly.

What more could a girl ask for…


Luna Lunera Cascabelera…My mami use to sing us this song when we were young.

  The sounds of the night relax me and light from the moon sets the stage for nostalgia. The bright moon reminds me of my great grandparents. We would spend summers in Acuna and on cool nights we would sleep outside on a mattress. All of us sisters and cousins….amontonadas, all piled up.  No cucuys out there, no worries,  just us and Diosito. The sound of the wind would rock me to sleep.



So I feel I’m being held hostage by Mr. Skunk. I opened the back door to go outside and I was greeted by a skunk ass staring right at me. I closed the screen door a chingas and ran like I just heard the paletero. My house is old so my running caused a earthquake. All there was for me to do was say “Fe fi fo fum”, instead I screamed, “Aye Chinga“….I guess the do never made it out my mouth….my house shook, my foot steps rumbled, my shelves rattled, and a picture frame that I have on a shelf fell. Mr. Skunk is out to get me!!

A momentary Hasta Luego…


So this is the last, for a while,  of the Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday and I’m quite sad that there will be a break.  I have never been fond of good byes…or change…or letting go… or anything in general that causes something or someone not to be in my life, good or bad. Although I’m sadden, I do know that sometimes we need to walk away for a moment or forever.   Its no secret, for I truthfully blog, that I dip my toes in the insanity pool and  Twisted Mix-Tape has been an outlet for my anxiety, for my escandalos,  for my issues, for my emotions, for all those memories that I’ve forgotten or can’t forget.  Every hurdle in my life, every heartache, every joyous moment I pair it with a song.  I have a horrible memory and often I forget beautiful or sad memories until I hear a song that I’ve associated it with. I’m most grateful  to Jen and to Twisted Mix-Tape for those beautiful, sad, happy, crazy, old memories that have come back and graced me.
The theme for this Mix-Tape is Farewell/Missing you and here are the songs…. I mixed it up…

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The essence of Maná


I decided to dedicate this lyric genius MixTape to Maná. Maná is a Mexican rock/pop  group who’s music revolves around speaking the truth of  love, saving mother earth, freedom, spirituality.  Its a shame that there is no literal emotional word translation for Spanish. The passionate mixture of words, rhythm, pace, and intensity, is what gives the Spanish music its spirit. Call me crazy, but when I find music that hits that perfect spot  in the corners of my soul… All I want is for that person to feel the same emotional pull.  I love being  impacted by music. Most of the time I find myself passionately, overtaken, and in love with the lyrics.  I find myself loving the words even if I can’t directly, with my  life experience, relate to that particular song.  Maná is the one band that always  does that for me. Their combination of beats and lyrics make for the perfect mixture of musical poetry.  Mana’s, and I say Mana because everyone in that group has collaborated musically…Their lyrics always speak to me in ways that move me. I think I’m taking this MixTape a little too serious…but I love analyzing and exploring meaning behind words. Music heals…it transports you…Its like poetry to me…. Continue reading

Confessions of a Pandora junkie



So I been listing to a lot of Celso Pina Pandora radio. He’s been my driving buddy, my cleaning compadre, my shower companion… It was like Diosito blessed me with the most perfect station…well, until I accidentally pressed “like” on one of the songs with my big fat thumb. Then Celso Pina station was never the same…..

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