Is there hope for humanity?

This morning was a morning that will never be forgotten. I try to live my life the right way. I was raised to in a good home to show respect, be honest, and obey the law. Well, I try to obey the law but sometimes I run late for work y se me hace la pata pesada.But some people, unfortunately, have no shame and commit heinous crimes against humanity. It makes me upset but even more so it makes me so sad to know of something like that  first hand and close to home.

This morning  was one of those crazy days.  I was running late, I didn’t have time to correctly iron my hair, I was wearing my oversize work pants because that was the first thing I found, I forgot to put deodorant on, and I woke up with a huge zit the size of Tx on my cheek. So, of course,   I was halling ass to work. Then was stopped right by my house for what I thought was a routine traffic violation. Since I was driving like a mad woman I accepted my fate. After all, my mami always said, “Orale! Quein te manda“. I soon realized that el pedo  was a lot worse than I knew.

Normally in a situation like the one I was in I would be hysterically crying and possibly going into full mode panic attack, but for some reason I really wasn’t. I was taken in a cop car to the Concha down the street to meet some detectives. I wasn’t being held for a crime or being charged with anything but being in the back seat of a patrol car and not being told whats going on, te hace cagar.

I was told that my house/property  was under a criminal investigation and come to find out later that women were being held captive, raped, and abused walking distance from my house. Like right there, a hop skip and jump away…. This is so disturbing to me and I cried about the fact that people could be so evil. It is beyond my understanding.  I kept asking the detective, “Why would someone do that.” After that all sunk in, I starting feeling bad that more than one women was being  held captive for 3 days, like right there by my home, and I didn’t see or hear anything.

I was really considering blogging about the details of what happened, because it makes for a better story, the 5 or so hours I was being held but in the end I was quite impressed by the detectives of the Special Victims Unit and the SAPD officers that were with us throughout all this ordeal, not to mention, they were super hot, all of them. Puro taco de ojo! Que Rico!  They did, however, have the audacity of not letting me update my status on facebook and, I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty hungry, and when I saw that one chunky officer with an bowl of something I wanted to kick my way out of the cop car and steal his breakfast.

All and all, it was a experience that maybe I should of been more upset… about the hours I wasted or the fact that the SWAT ransacked my house  or the fact that I was a suspect at one point…but that was kinda all forgotten because the gentlemen from the S.A. SUV  didn’t treat me with disrespect and I know that  if I were out there kidnapped, I would want everyone doing everything possible to be found.  To catch the bad guy. I had lost hope for the SAPD after all the bad rap they had been getting over the past years but this was an experience that showed me that there really are honest detectives/cops that are out there doing all they can for the safety of people and allowing the law to work as it should.

I felt I was in a episode of  Law & Order SVU. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a big criminal investigation fanatic. There is nothing more that LAOSVU-law-and-order-svu-24962886-384-288I love but sitting on the couch on a weekend night watching CSI, Criminal Minds, Law & Order SUV reruns. In my head I was demanding to see Detective Stabler and Olivia LOL. Talking to the detectives, being brought into their big command post, seeing the helicopter view on their tv, seeing the super hot SWAT team get ready, knowing that I was helping out the best that I could was super exciting. I was even more excited when the handsome detective winked at me while they were trying to figure out what was happening. I was experiencing mi mero mole.

When I finally was allowed to leave, I realized that people are still fighting the good fight and that means that ,in fact, there IS  hope for humanity. Its so good knowing and seeing the dedication of these law officers first hand.  I thanked them for doing their job and the detective was glad to hear that appreciation.


3 thoughts on “Is there hope for humanity?

  1. This sounds so scary! I cant even imagine knowing something like that was happening close to home but its really good to know that there are good people out there helping protect people from these horrible experiences. The only thing that stinks is that you had to get detained. How were you a suspect?! Scary

    • Yes, it’s scary. We were all being questioned because one of the girls who escaped pointed out my house as being the house she was being held in but in reality it was an abandoned home that was in the same area as my house.

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