A meal fit for a queen


The view from our table.

Income tax season is upon us. I patiently waited for this glorious moment to arrive to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a meal fit for a queen.  My friends and I all saved our pennies to wine and dine and over eat at  Texas de Brazil, a Brazilian-American churrascaria. Aye, Dios Mio, is all I have to say. I felt like I was at Texas de Brazil: The Production. In the style of Beauty and the Beast’s “Be our guest.” All the carvers had to do was break into dance.


My friend, Melinda. We were all a little scared by all the meat.

As they came around I pictured them twirling from table to table, preforming a cabriole, appearing weightless in the air, landing in Tour en l’air, and all while balancing Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon. I know of such ballet jumps from the little girls at work who take ballet classes

I normally don’t wine and dine de la high. In fact, I’m quite the coda, and sometimes, ok ok….most of the time… I’ve stepped into the dark side of penny pinching.  But you know what, I’m proud that I’ve gotten my light bill down to $40… granted that the only time I turn on the heater,  the air conditioner, and  sometimes the lights….is when there is company…. and even then, it’s usually only when my guests start  getting Texas heat strokes or artic blast frostbite.

I always get excited when there is an event going on, mostly because I love to eat and all the events I attend involve food but also because I love to get dressed up.  I put on my heels, eye lashes, lip stick, and a good pair of spanks. I’m still working on loving me for the girl without the  makeup. For some, its hard seeing the person in the mirror. For me, I’m still learning to accept myself completely.

A fancy dine requires a fancy attire and since I live a frugal life, I don’t like spending  a lot of money on my clothes.  Fashion forward moda doesn’t have to be expensive. So since I was spending way to much money (and it was worth every bite) I didn’t want to spend on something to wear.

Here is what I put together….

Thrift store find! I had my mom cut 5 inches off the bottom since it was too long and I’m below sea level. I think I went a little too short, oops!


Roz&Ali dress from Texas Thrift store: $7

So, I’m going to confess that the shelving and floor in my closet is decorated with an assortment of shoes. I buy a lot of half priced/ discounted shoes and some that I’ve never worn. The best part is that moment when you find the perfect outfit for those red ankle strapped wedges with a bow  you bought and haven’t worn.


Dexter Faux Suede Wedges from Payless bought 2 yrs ago: Sale price $9.99

There is nothing better for a penny pincher than FREE things. My sister sold AVON and so I got this ring one year as a stocking stuffer, which, I hadn’t worn till now.  The earrings I got for FREE when I hosted a Premier Jewelry Show last year.


Avon ring:FREE
Premier Jewelry Earrings:FREE

A birthday gift from one of my many beautiful sisters.


Just Fab Clutch : FREE

So by now you’ve probably noticed a pattern of free things. These are all collections of Birthday presents, love gifts, Christmas gifts, hand me downs from my loved ones.

This perfume was given to me by an ex.

Penny pincher code: Never be wasteful. LOL…


The scent of the night
Vince Camuto: FREE

The night came and went beautifully. I was surrounded by awesome people who know the value good friends and a delicious meal can bring you.


full tummy and happy as can be


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