The power of a cover


This week’s Twisted Mix Tape is Covers

Some of my most favorite covers are in Spanish. Some, I grew up with and loved and for a long time but didn’t know the actual song was originally in English. hehehe.

Song #1 Titanium– This was my anthem last year so when I heard it on the radio covered in Spanish…I was super excited.

Song #2 is I only want to be with you a cover by Luis Miguel- Ahora te puedes marchar. I loved this song as a teenager….and now. lol! For the longest time I didn’t know it was a cover, until one day I heard it on the oldies station. I always thought Luismi was sooo cute. Poor Mariah, I felt her heartache when they broke up.

So, this next song is a childhood favorite of mine. Every time my mom use to make  shell (pasta) soup  we use to sing Sopa De Caracol which means shell soup. So when I heard the cover done by Elvis Crespo and Pitbull,  I was so excited.

Song #3 Sopa de Caracol covered by Elvis Crespo ft. Pitbull.

Song #4 is Juan Gabriel’s No Tengo Dinero covered by Kumbia Kings

My dad would say to us when we were little that we may have been poor put we were rich in love. This song reminds me of my dad because he would sing to us “No tengo dinero, ni nada que dar, lo uniquo que tengo es amor que dar” which means, I have no money, or anything to give, all I have is love to give. When I’m dead broke I always sing this song in my head and I always smile to myself because even if we grew up with very little money, we were always rich with the love that they gave us.1546426_621535897896146_2147188240_n

Song #5 is a cover of Gyptian’s Hold Yuh by Fuego- Una Vaina Loca.

So, for the longest time my ex failed  to inform me that this was a dirty dirty nasty nasty naughty cochino song….but regardless, I have to admit that even if I didn’t understand Gyptian’s thick accent, I loved it….then I heard it in Spanish and I figured out what it said. This song reminds me of a happy time in my life. If I got anything out of my last relationship, it was a love for island music.  I hate reminiscing about this Islander…..but I miss the times when we use to stay up, drinking beer, radio full blast, out side my house that’s in the middle of no where dancing and laughing. Trying to teach an uptight Mexican the smooth Island way was a hard task.  Letting go, closing my eyes, and letting the music fill me is something that no matter how bad things ended or how broken I became, I will never give back and its something that I will continue to do on my own. Let the music fill my soul.


2 thoughts on “The power of a cover

  1. I speak very, very little Spanish, but I know what “no tengo dinero” means. (Also “Donde es (esta?) el bano?” but that’s beside the point.) That song may need to be my theme song at the moment. Such a fun list for me to hear!

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