Cue the music…

Twisted Mix Tape


If my life had a soundtrack…

So, I was torn between listing songs that signify important events in my life or listing songs that were in my life. I don’t think I made any sense but in my mind… I do…LOL! So after much confusion, I was still confusing myself.  I decided that I was going to make a soundtrack of  my most treasured or important musical memories in my life.

The first thing that came to mind was driving to Mexico when we were little. Mi papi would put it on the Spanish AM stations the whole 5 hour drive. Six of us girls, all squished in the back seat of a old old station wagon…then a white Datsun….The sweet, vintage, AM radio quality would put us all to sleep. At that time, I thought it was the most sleep inducing music, but now….It reminds me of mi papi. Sometimes I cry when I’m station surfing and I come across old , classic boleros.

My dad sometimes sets shop behind my house and still listens to AM Spanish stations on his old beat up radio. I hear the music at night sometimes when he forgets to turn of the radio. I enjoy how peaceful beautiful it is…then I have to go outside to turn the radio off.

Trio Los Panchos y Eydie Gorme- Sabor a mi…. This is my favorite romantic bolero. I always cry when I hear mariachi’s playing it.  Click here  to listen to Mariachi Las Coronelas singing it in English. They play every Friday and Saturday at this place called Mexico Jalisco where they have the most delicious Jalisco burritos ever! I say I use to  go to listen to my sister sing, but in reality, I go because I love to eat.

I’ve come to the realization that I have A LOT of favorite songs…but this has to be one of my most favorite songs.It got me through some tough times when I was bullied in  middle school. I always sing it in my head after a tough or frustrating situation LOL…I sometimes sing it out loud to my co- worker Connie when we are  going crazy LOL.

Des’ree- You gotta be

So the most destructive…life changing event in my life happened 2 years ago. Maybe one day I will share it with social media….  Lets just say, I asked Diosito to slap me in the face because I was walking around without a purpose, or a direction…being pushed around by people in my life…..Then he answered my prayers. He slapped me so hard I fell, slid, and skinned my knees…I did not pass go, or collect 200.

I am a creature of love and it took a heartache to change the direction that I was moving but God couldn’t of done it any other way. This music video and song really captured, metaphorically, and in every single word, the blindness and confusion I was going though. When my friends and I talk about this time in my life, I always picture myself on the stage as Florence Welch…at this gay bar I always go with my friends, taking off my clothes, letting my hair down, rolling around on the floor, crying, grabbing and tearing down glittery stringy curtains. LOL. So yes, this song is in my soundtrack.

Calvin Harris- Sweet Nothing Ft Florence Welch

After a the storm, always comes the calm…. A song written to a heart….My heart…perfect song for what came after the storm. Sometimes in an attempt to protect yourself after a heartache, you forget you have a heart but it always emerges  from its dark place with hope to love again.

The Oh Hello’s- Hello my old heart.

I lost my abuelita last year and I took it very hard because I wasn’t able to see her before she passed or be there, in Mexico, for her funeral. This viejita was the most stuborn, silly, and strongest lady in my life. She taught me that laughter is the most important thing in life. Her last days were spent playing jokes on my uncle and the nurses at the hospital. This musical memory in my soundtrack of life is important because this was the moment that I was able to accept that she was no longer here. I was so sad I wasn’t able to cry till this day.


My Abuelos Andres y Lilia

Gema- Sung by my sister, Reyna, and the mariachi she was in,  Mariachi Las Coronelas  at a birthday dinner for my grandpa this year. The song was my grandma’s favorite song. Gema means Gem. Click here for translation.


3 thoughts on “Cue the music…

  1. OK, I’m still listening so I haven’t even gotten to your sister singing and I can’t wait. One of my husband’s best friends died last year. So young, so sad, he had 8 kids and was only 38, It was a horrible car accident. But I know he’s in heaven, his faith and that of his wife’s was so amazing. He and my husband had spent many years speaking of God and heaven, and our purpose…
    But I digress. At his funeral they had mariachi’s at the grave site. I decided that’s what I want too. I told everyone so no one forgets or pretends they don’t know. I am telling you too. So just incase.
    Oh my gosh, your sister has a beautiful voice!!! How blessed you must be by her!
    Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • I also want Mariachi music…and a celebration with lost of food for all my loved ones LOL.. I think its a perfect way to say good bye to our physical bodies. I think that as hard as losing someone might be, the deep thoughts of God, our purpose, our life that comes afterwards, serves us a purpose. My parents told us that we only mourn the physical body and we shouldn’t be selfish, but happy for them because they are at home, heaven, with God and it is not a good bye, but a see you later. I’m glad you enjoyed my sisters voice, she has a beautiful one.

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