Una salsita hecha en molcajete de mami.

A salsita made in the molcajete by my mom.

La vida se me hace desabrida sin mi salsita.

Life is bland without my salsita.



My guilty pleasure…Tapatio with potato chips.

This is what my Saturday night looks like.

I live on the fast lane.


Igniting The Light Within Me

When the walls around me are closing in,

Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck

Grounded with no escape,

Desperately wanting to be free

I close my eyes and pray,

“God, make me a bird so I can fly far away from here”

I patiently wait for the day my wings grow

So I can spread them freely,

Soar in the beautiful blue sky

While my worries are cemented to the ground below

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Table for one

I had a two hour gap between doctor appointments.  Went into work early and left before lunch so when I saw that little Mexican food place tucked between 2 huge chingon businesses, I was excited. The window read,  “Homemade Tamales.”  I love tamales! I thought it would be like Christmas again. I pictured myself unwrapping that soft corn husk.  So I thought I’d stop for take out in hopes of getting a hold of some happiness.

As I looked at the menu, I felt the need to dine alone.  I’m not use to dining alone, in fact, I’m not use to being alone because I’ve never allowed myself to be by myself.  I’m the middle child, deprived of attention, so yes…I’m a chicle. I love to love and be loved and give love and this I stand by always.

By this time the nice,  short, curly haired lady has brought me my salsita with chips, which, AYE DIOSITO MIO…. they had the most wpid-IMG_20140327_213813.jpgdelicious salsita de aguacate and the sweetest tea of teas. Made me feel I was a southern bell sitting on my porch, sun shining, in my big floppy wide-brim sun hat. If I died, I would of died happy. I’ve been alone, and I mean completely emotionally alone, for 3 years…Ok, so I lied. I’ve been emotionally alone for 5 days. Its hard letting go of someone who’s been emotionally there for you for so long. I want to justify things but I stop myself because sometimes you have to let people go. One mistake doesn’t change what is in my heart, but a promise of truth for myself determines if you stay in my life. This is something that I am now  just learning.

I looked around and I was the only one dinning alone.  Between Intocables’s Coqueta playing in the background and my mind running 100 miles an hour…you know, all  was forgotten when I realized how good the salsa was and how I had the whole bowl of tostadas all to myself.  I was enjoying myself, for once, being alone meant that I can choose which way my life goes without pressure from who ever is around me. I can have the whole bowl of tostadas to myself. I feel guilty, but not from eating the whole bowl of tostadas. The only thing that is really keeping me from crying at this point is my crocodile skin I’ve grown to love.

I heard a pod-cast about soul mates the other night. I always thought that soul mates were our other half, but this lady said we have many soul companions. They are the people who brake your heart so deeply that you learn to be stronger, they are your parents who have made a promise to help us learn the lessons your soul has planned, and then, there are those soul mates that move you…grow you…love you…but only for a brief time…or in my case, 10 years but only to leave when you are at your best. These people help you learn life’s lessons and we have to appreciate all those people that come in and out our lives.

So anyways, I decided to order a  tamale….ok, I was going to omit that I also had the flauta plate…. but lets be honest…I wasn’t JUST going to have a tamale…I was starving… .After ordering my flautas I ask for a tamale…  Nomas uno, the waitress says.  Yes, just one.  Then she smiles and says, “Porque tan solito, ordene otro.” The real funny thing is that I always know I’m on the right path because people say the most coincidental things to me. I busted out with my trademark carcahada. And I said to her in my best TexMEx, “Yes, estoy segura…just one…..pero tragame mas tea and chips.”

In my family we all have different roles…la frijolera, la pastelera, la salad-era, la “I’m just going to buy something from HEB”-era, la watosa…but la tamalera is a special gift my 2nd oldest sister holds. She makes the best tamales one can taste. Speaking of her, she is the spiciest Lopez but she has the bigest heart of us all. I’ve seen her care more about people than anyone else but te manda a la chingada if you mess with her family.  Not to mention, my 3 traviesos came from her. We would all agree that the best gift to unwrap for Christmas is a tamale, her homemade “Aye que ricos, I just had a dozen and didnt realize it” tamales. That moment when you open the pot of tamales,your pores are instantly opened by the hot steam, your hands are burnt from trying to pull one out because you can’t wait for them to cool…Pulling that corn husk off….tamale sliding out …the joy…

wpid-IMG_20140327_213925.jpgUnfortunately, I was not transported back to that glorious day in Spring 1982 ,when I had my first tamale, because I’m sure that I came out of my mami eating tamales…. This lonely tamale was a disappointment. They lied! It was not a “homemade tamale”. In fact, I thought I was in Death Valley..Pobre tamale was so dry it looked like dry ground. I touched it, and it crumbled.

I was sad…with my tamale…but mostly sad because taking the time to sit and be by myself reassured me that walking away is the best thing for me right now. Not only walking away from people, but from the things that no longer serve a purpose in your life. It is important to surround ourselves with truth and love….not false hope…no matter how badly you want to believe it.

….or how your heart falsely sees it….

Speaking of that, as I walked out I was so upset I wanted to stare the window down because it lied to me with its “Homemade Tamales”…..so I gave it my best squinted eyes …. damn you…shaking fist in the air face and realized that I was mistaken. The window didn’t say “homemade tamales” like I had read when I was starving for food. It read “Homemade Tortillas.” Pendeja!!!!! Then I was just sad because they gave me tortillas and I didn’t even try them.

In the end, I will always miss that part of me but I am no longer the same….I am stronger…mostly thanks to you….but now its up to me to take the wheel.

The tamale might not have been good, but the lesson sure was…


Is there hope for humanity?

This morning was a morning that will never be forgotten. I try to live my life the right way. I was raised to in a good home to show respect, be honest, and obey the law. Well, I try to obey the law but sometimes I run late for work y se me hace la pata pesada.But some people, unfortunately, have no shame and commit heinous crimes against humanity. It makes me upset but even more so it makes me so sad to know of something like that  first hand and close to home.

This morning  was one of those crazy days.  Continue reading

A meal fit for a queen


The view from our table.

Income tax season is upon us. I patiently waited for this glorious moment to arrive to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a meal fit for a queen.  My friends and I all saved our pennies to wine and dine and over eat at  Texas de Brazil, a Brazilian-American churrascaria. Aye, Dios Mio, is all I have to say. I felt like I was at Texas de Brazil: The Production. In the style of Beauty and the Beast’s “Be our guest.” All the carvers had to do was break into dance. Continue reading

The power of a cover


This week’s Twisted Mix Tape is Covers

Some of my most favorite covers are in Spanish. Some, I grew up with and loved and for a long time but didn’t know the actual song was originally in English. hehehe.

Song #1 Titanium– This was my anthem last year so when I heard it on the radio covered in Spanish…I was super excited.

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Cue the music…

Twisted Mix Tape


If my life had a soundtrack…

So, I was torn between listing songs that signify important events in my life or listing songs that were in my life. I don’t think I made any sense but in my mind… I do…LOL! So after much confusion, I was still confusing myself.  I decided that I was going to make a soundtrack of  my most treasured or important musical memories in my life. Continue reading