Father, I must confess….

This weeks Twisted Mix Tape is guilty pleasures  and so, this means, it comes with a no judging allowed sticker…or at least I’ve wished it into existence and have proudly put it on.

Father, I must confess….I’m addicted to big hair bands.

I come from a community of booty bouncing, Mexican um pa um pa um pa (polka music), bitty bitty bom bom (selena), my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard music. I can proudly say, I have wonderfully and musically mixed my roots with american culture…But it wasn’t like that always…

I grew up with 2 musical options, Mexican and oldies, because I grew up in a extremely Mexican/Catholic traditional household. I don’t have any regrets towards the way my parents raised me because I  wholeheartedly believe that I am who I am because of my parents and I love where I came from and I will never deny it.  I love my roots and my culture is very important to me. I understand, coming into a country where everything was put so out into the open, my parents only wanted to protect their girls and so, they built a fence and wanted us to stay around what was familiar to them.

I wasn’t allowed to listen to anything else. I remember in highschool listening to my Walkman and my dad was upset because he thought I was listening to metal music. He demanded to listen to what I was listening to. And when I was like 5 I remember my mom being so scared and  didn’t want us to take candy from a man during Halloween because “eso no es de Dios, la musica del diablo” (devil music) hahahaha. All I remember was a man on the t.v. yelling with messy hair and later, in high school, during my classic rock revolution movement that my parents hated, I came to realize it was Ozzy. LOL

Oh, and thus began my forbidden, hidden love affair for all big hair bands. I’m not ashamed to say,  in this judgment free zone, that I find big  hair bands sexy. Especially when they are singing love songs…. sigh.. LOL…Phewww…Its finally out in the open.  But who doesn’t love a voluminous head of hair.

Glad to say my parents are FINALLY ok with my love of all classical rock but….my booty bouncing friends always give me judgmental stares when they (and by they I mean my beloved gay BFFs) are booty bouncing away and I get excited when poison pops out of no where in the bar’s jukebox.LOL

So, this  Mix tape is for  my guiltiest pleasure….big hair bands

For those of you who are looking t0 expand your Spanish 80’s hair band  palate…I love Caifanes.  This song is called Viento (wind) I wrote a blog about it called Piename el alma. Its worth the read and it talks about the meaning of this song and why its so important to me.

I love love love this song. All time favorite!

Skid Row- I remember you

Bon Jovi is and will ALWAYS be sexy… Sometimes I listen to to this song and pretend he’s singing to me. LOL. and I get all choked up, teary eyed .I live in a fantasy world! hahaha Don’t judge!

Bon Jovi- I’ll be there for you

I knew that I had to add Whitesnake to this mix but I couldn’t decide which song….I love so many LOL  It was Is this love

or Love aint no stranger

I have always loved this song…Its on my cleaning the house mix and I always dance around instead of cleaning. Maybe it shouldn’t be on my cleaning mix…and I’m sure all the neighbors hears me scream “Talk dirty to me.”

Poison- Talk dirty to me


7 thoughts on “Father, I must confess….

  1. Bon Jovi only gets better with age, doesn’t he? Man….
    This is so perfect because you actually have a reason why they are guilty pleasures!!! Oh if our parents only new. And you turned out great anyway, right! I was a punk rocker and man…. my mom was gonna die.
    But I turned out OK too!

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