Music is food for the soul

I went with my mom to the bank last Friday and as we were at the drive thru a wonderful feeling came over me, it was a savory one… my mouth watered. I swear that when I turned my head a finger shaped cloud of fog, that probably tasted like fried chicken,  was teasing me telling me to come hither … Oh, how I’ve missed you Bushes fried chicken. Images of succulent,  crispy gizzards danced in my head. I don’t know how many times I said, “Mmmm, Que Rico.”  I raved to my mami the whole way back home about how all their crispy covered everything tasted so yummy.  Today, again, we went to the bank and the events that transpired were much like last Fridays. The same savory sensations, mouth watery memories of gizzards and crispy chicken skin teasing me, the sweetest diabetic inducing tea, delicious….tantalizing…juicy chicken thighs……

So as my mami drove me home, with out any tasty crispy fried chicken,  the only thing that came to mind was to sing Zac Brown’s ” You know I love my chicken fried, a cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right.”  I chuckled…then my ma says “Que Tienes.” LOL

I want to dedicate this Twisted Mix Tape to all the foods I miss and can’t have…for the moment.

Funny that as soon as someone momentarily restricts me from food, I crave it more.

I’ll be back Bushes chicken…Just you wait!

Chicken fried- Zac Brown

If you are ever in Old San Antonio and get drunk out of your mind…the best cure for a hangover is barbacoa tacos and Big Red. I miss my mom’s leftover barbacoa with tomato and onion guisado. “Give me two pounds of regular, cuz I love a little fat.”

Barbacoa Blues-Ruben Ramos

Song #3 is dedicated to my cholesterol. I have heard and danced my heart out to this song at so many quinceneras since I was young…but NOW I can relate, as my cholesterol has a mind of its own. This song is about this guy who’s doc tells him he’s fat and his cholesterol is too high…but then he goes home to his loving wife screaming from the kitchen, “Do you want some chicharon guisado.” which basically means fried pig skin cooked in a liquidity combination of spices, tomato, chili, and onions…. Sounds yucky to some…but you just wait and taste it…..Got a lil distracted there…but anyways, he goes home and has to explain to his wife that he can’t have all those foods because it makes his cholesterol high.

Se me sube el colesterol-Fito Olivares

#4 is a song I heard on Kono 101, our beloved oldies station, a few years back. I was laughing off my ass off but the perfect burger IS a medium rare burger.

Cheeseburger in Paradice-Jimmy Buffet

because my world wouldn’t be complete without food at work…… My favorite song to dance with the kiddos….

Hot Potato-The Wiggles


6 thoughts on “Music is food for the soul

  1. Fantastic list and if if I wasn’t sitting here slurping up red beans and rice, I’d probably be drooling over all the food imagery in your post and music. My son was a huge Wiggles fan and Hot Potato was his favorite song.

  2. LOL! Oh my gosh am I glad I never have to hear Hot Potato again! My son is 8 and The Wiggles are way behind us! Obviously Hot Potato is better than Fruit Salad 🙂
    I love how you introduce me to all of this latin music. I am a huge fan anyway, but I flounder on my own with no one to point me in the right direction. Your mixes are so much fun for me! Thank you for playing!

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