Busting out of this joint!

So, My mami has been a big huge help during my time of recovery.  Last week  she came to check up on me and I think I scared her with  mi escandalo. I mean, who wouldn’t be scared. Its been too cold to go outside and  I’m not going to lie, too cold to shower in my helera house. I had just woken up so that,  in itself,  was a scary sight to see….. Coming out from underneath the colchas, battling cabin fever, hunched over,  Pelos de ellote, hung over from painkillers, and a raspy voice…which sounded like I was going through puberty.  So with my “Aye, me siento que me estoy volvendo loca” rants and anxiety ridden,  lagrimas de cocodrillo…I convinced her to take me to Walmart to buy some sweat pants. I can’t believe I was going to buy sweat pants..but at least I could wear them outside in the coldness. Oh….and I will say OHhhhh, I will never complain about those people who look a mess at Walmart…because…I sure didn’t give a rats ass , me vale, what I looked like . I hopped on my little carrito in my big shirt, big hoodie, no bra…..christmas pjs….papi’s  slippers…gassy stomach…and sure didn’t give a crap…but I was happy to finally be out of my house.


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