Twisted Mix Tape-Confessions of a (non) romantic

So this weeks Twisted Mix Tape challenge is love songs. I really had to dig deep into this heart of mine. I realized that lately the love has disappeared from my heart.  All the romance… sugar coated gumdrops…sweet birds singing…have all faded, some how, with the events that took place over the last few years.  With sadness in my heart, I asked: What happened?  Hurt happened….hmm…I guess hurt did happened.

So I dug deep for those memories of sappy love songs and I started remembering. Oh, those  80’s  love ballads… I guess the romantic in me is still in there….just stuck in the 80’s. lol

1. Bryan Adams- I do it for you. I know, I know…but what can I say… I’m a sucker for Bryan Adams. I remember recording this song on a tape…in the 90’s…lol…. Pretending that he was singing to me. LOL!! I know its true, Bryan Adams, everything you do..You do it for me.

2. Dolly Parton- I will always love you. I’m sorry Mrs. Whitney Houston…RIP, but in my opinion, Dolly does it best.  There is a lot of ways to love and sometimes love means having to let go.

3.Mana- En el muelle de San Blas.  Mana is my most favorite musical artist of all time. This song is about a woman who loses her lover to the sea and she waits for him year after year to come home. Till her dress is tattered and her hair is white…. This song is based off a true story and the woman really did go crazy, but to wait for someone for so long is kinda sweet and must be real love. Love makes you crazy sometimes.

4.Andy Williams-Love Story.  So the reason I added this one to my love collection is because this is the first love song I know. My dad gave my mom a musical jewelry box with a little ballerina. I remember holding it when I was little and opening to see the little ballerina move. Even now, when I hear this, it reminds me of my mom and dad. The love that parents have for their children is the ultimate love of all loves.

Number 5 was a tuffy for me. I knew that it had to be a meaningful one so I started going though my shazam and I came across Diana Ross- I thought it took a little time. This is MY perfect love song because there is hope.  Right now I might feel the way I feel and I’m giving myself permission to place love on a little shelf for waiting but one day…love will come unexpected…or at least I hope…LOL


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