Father, I must confess….

This weeks Twisted Mix Tape is guilty pleasures  and so, this means, it comes with a no judging allowed sticker…or at least I’ve wished it into existence and have proudly put it on.

Father, I must confess….I’m addicted to Continue reading


Music is food for the soul

I went with my mom to the bank last Friday and as we were at the drive thru a wonderful feeling came over me, it was a savory one… my mouth watered. I swear that when I turned my head a finger shaped cloud of fog, that probably tasted like fried chicken,  was teasing me telling me to come hither … Oh, how I’ve missed you Bushes fried chicken. Images of succulent,  crispy gizzards danced in my head. I don’t know how many times I said, “Mmmm, Que Rico.”  I raved to my mami the whole way back home about how all their crispy covered everything tasted so yummy.  Today, again, we went to the bank and the events that transpired were much like last Fridays. The same savory sensations, mouth watery memories of gizzards and crispy chicken skin teasing me, the sweetest diabetic inducing tea, delicious….tantalizing…juicy chicken thighs……

So as my mami drove me home, with out any tasty crispy fried chicken,  the only thing that came to mind was to sing Zac Brown’s ” You know I love my chicken fried, a cold beer on a Friday night, a pair of jeans that fit just right.”  I chuckled…then my ma says “Que Tienes.” LOL Continue reading

Random Moments of Delight- Let the sun shine

Staying at home isn’t my favorite hobby, so one may say, over the past few days….I’ve flown over the cuckoo’s nest. The lines have blurred with these Texas “winter” days but a moment of pure joy arose from this.

I’ve experienced a lot of anxiety over the course of my life. To be honest with you, most of, if not all,  is unnecessary.  My friends and family might agree that the worst dramatic displays of “my world is ending”  is that which comes from cabin fever.  I know, I know! Why am I complaining, instead I should be in bliss just sitting around eating jello… but, again…staying at home isn’t my favorite hobby. So over the past week, one may say,  I’ve definitely flown over the cuckoo’s nest.

Winter in Texas is almost non existent. I love a good knee high boot, skinny jean, and cute scarf wearing day but…. lets me honest, as soon as there is a single icy particle in the air, San Antonians go insane. In particular, this one, who’s on leave and can’t go anywhere.

So last Thursday, when the sun came out, I sat on the porch sipping on some water and snacking on orange Jello…which is, in my opinion, the best. The sun on my face felt soo good and I took the time to thank God for the beautiful day. It truly was a moment of delight. I felt peace in my heart and a assuring feeling that, I may not be where I want to be…. but at that moment, I was right where Diosito needed me to be….Even the roosters came out to bask in the sun with me.



Busting out of this joint!

So, My mami has been a big huge help during my time of recovery.  Last week  she came to check up on me and I think I scared her with  mi escandalo. I mean, who wouldn’t be scared. Its been too cold to go outside and  I’m not going to lie, too cold to shower in my helera house. I had just woken up so that,  in itself,  was a scary sight to see….. Coming out from underneath the colchas, battling cabin fever, hunched over,  Pelos de ellote, hung over from painkillers, and a raspy voice…which sounded like I was going through puberty.  So with my “Aye, me siento que me estoy volvendo loca” rants and anxiety ridden,  lagrimas de cocodrillo…I convinced her to take me to Walmart to buy some sweat pants. I can’t believe I was going to buy sweat pants..but at least I could wear them outside in the coldness. Oh….and I will say OHhhhh, I will never complain about those people who look a mess at Walmart…because…I sure didn’t give a rats ass , me vale, what I looked like . I hopped on my little carrito in my big shirt, big hoodie, no bra…..christmas pjs….papi’s  slippers…gassy stomach…and sure didn’t give a crap…but I was happy to finally be out of my house.

Twisted Mix Tape-Confessions of a (non) romantic

So this weeks Twisted Mix Tape challenge is love songs. I really had to dig deep into this heart of mine. I realized that lately the love has disappeared from my heart.  All the romance… sugar coated gumdrops…sweet birds singing…have all faded, some how, with the events that took place over the last few years.  With sadness in my heart, I asked: What happened?  Hurt happened….hmm…I guess hurt did happened. Continue reading


cicatrizando:  to form a scar; to heal

After a few days, I finally got the courage to look at my surgery incisions. For one, I sometimes disagree with what the mirror shows me… so I been avoiding seeing my bloated stomach….but  I stood there…naked… bare…hunched over because it hurts to stand up straight.  Being exposed, I feel vulnerable, I don’t like it but I got to thinking about the scars of our body. I thought about the people in my life with far greater scars than mine.

For most of my teenage years I hid my body and self behind Continue reading

Twisted Mix Tape- A bailar

I’m a little late on Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday…  Since Its Friday…I been in lalala land for the past few days.

The theme for this week is Get moving…  Oh, I love to get a moving… Especially at The Silver Dollar lol. They have the best music  and cumbias to dance to.

These are 5 of my most favorite songs to shake mi bum bum to. Some are oldies but goodies. Continue reading

Random Moments of Delight Challenge

I joined another challenged called Random Moments of Delight.  This is my first entry.

Today I had gallbladder surgery.  My mami came over and made the most delicious Sopa de Vegetales.


  I drank only the broth but it was soooooo yummy. It is so nice having the people I love over and helping me out of pure love. I felt a lil spoiled. My mami making  soup, my sis cleaning a lil, my nephews watching my favorite Disney movie (The Emperor’s New Groove), Continue reading