Peiname el alma

Today is Day 6 of the Zero To Hero challenge. I think I’m learning, little by little, about all this embed chingadera.  So today’s task was to embed something. Here is my assignment, with a little of my thoughts because this song means a lot to me and it happened to fit in well with the challenge.

I been stressing lately. Not a “pulling out my hair” kinda stress, but that bottled up pressure that comes from working on over drive to re-cement that wall around my heart that a silly sneaky man has been breaking down with his love chisel. No sir, no sir…I’m onto you! A chingas my heart keeper is working.  As stubborn as I am, so is my heartkeeper…even if its losing the battle. So, I’m exhausted… not to mention, work and all the rest of all that mess. When I stress I turn to what makes me happy. Food. Lol, I kid, I kid!!! But, aye, Diosito mio give me the strength to say no to El Dia De Los Reyes Magos leftover tamales. Seriously, I can live off tamales.  But I wasn’t talking about food….Music makes me happy, especially when it can fiercely toss me into a different state of mind. Sad or happy…I love closing my eyes and being transported.

The other day  on my way to work I heard the song Viento by Los Caifanes on the radio. I’ve loved this song ever since I was a teenager. The beat, what I interpreted the meaning to be… Most recent, this song makes me think of the different people in my life that have made a significant change in me and who I admire.  A few years ago I read an online article about the root of the phrase “Prestame tu peine y peiname el alma”…Lend me your brush and comb my soul….. It was given, on a piece of paper, to the lead vocalist, by a unknown old man when  seeing his untamed  hair.  Take it as you may…. I thought of this old man thinking, “Lend me your brush. Give my soul some of that liberation. Teach me how to be free”

Made me contemplate on the people in my life that have liberated souls.  What they have given and taught my soul.  What my parents have instilled in me that made  me grow into the person I am now. I can’t help but remember myself as a little girl, on my mami’s lap. My mami combing my hair.

We all take something from every person we met.  They all take their brush and comb a little of them onto our souls.


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