Whats on my mind?

Day 3 of the Zero to Hero challenge is to write about what propelled us into the blogging world.

Hmm… Well, in all honesty, my  food struggles propelled me into the blogging world. My first confession (of a Gordita) was  about a passionate and short lived love affair I had with Panda Express. I wrote it in my car, sat out side of Panda Express for as long as I could because I didn’t want my food to go to waste lol. I felt a horrible feeling of being torn between the guilt of eating Panda Express and the strong will to stuff my face. I’ve struggled all my life with weight and it truly has been a hard battle losing what weight I have lost. Posting that confession sort of liberated my anxiety and I found that most of my friends understood my struggle with food and weight loss. I found that I can offer a little bit laughter and It was that silliness that has really helped me cope.  So, thus began my blogging. I’m still new at it, I’m still learning, and I’ve seen a lot of wonderful blogs that make mine look wimpy and wordless, but this is me and I can only hope my rants and raves will help me meet others who are fighting that same battle because even when the battle has been won…we still struggle with the aftermath of feelings .

Hope to have done this right….


3 thoughts on “Whats on my mind?

  1. I love your colors of your blog background those are my favorite colors.This is a great blog and I look forward to following you.

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