Zero to Hero: 30 Day Blog Challenge

I’ve joined the WordPress Zero to Hero 30 Days to a better blog challenge. My first challenge is an introduction post. So, here goes nothing. Better late than never!!

My name is Lili and I am  31, a teacher, a dreamer, a sister, a aunt to 3 traviesos whom I love to death. An  analyzer of life, a newcomer to blogging, but mostly I’m a learner and I have a new found passion for making healthier choices for my body, as well as, for my mind.  It has  been a struggle and I’ve had more downs than ups but everyday is a chance to try again.  I started this blog with the intention to write about my weight and food struggles since most of my friends got a kick out of my first dramatic Confession of a Gordita . A  lot of people struggle with weight and although I have gotten to a point where I can’t shop in the plus size section anymore, my battle is with my mind.  Being a gordita is something you struggle with even when you’ve lost weight. The whole change of lifestyle is a hard path but whats harder is the mentality change. So, I cope with laughter, with tears, and with writing. Writing it and putting it out there with the intentions of not hiding a single thing.


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