These clouds look like a delicious rack of ribs.


Peiname el alma

Today is Day 6 of the Zero To Hero challenge. I think I’m learning, little by little, about all this embed chingadera.  So today’s task was to embed something. Here is my assignment, with a little of my thoughts because this song means a lot to me and it happened to fit in well with the challenge.

I been stressing lately. Not a “pulling out my hair” kinda stress, but that bottled up pressure that comes from working on over drive to re-cement that wall around my heart that a silly sneaky man has been breaking down with his love chisel. No sir, no sir…I’m onto you! A chingas my heart keeper is working.  As stubborn as I am, so is my heartkeeper…even if its losing the battle. So, I’m exhausted… not to mention, work and all the rest of all that mess. When I stress I turn to what makes me happy. Food. Lol, I kid, I kid!!! But, aye, Diosito mio give me the strength to say no to El Dia De Los Reyes Magos leftover tamales. Seriously, I can live off tamales.  But I wasn’t talking about food….Music makes me happy, especially when it can fiercely toss me into a different state of mind. Sad or happy…I love closing my eyes and being transported.

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Whats on my mind?

Day 3 of the Zero to Hero challenge is to write about what propelled us into the blogging world.

Hmm… Well, in all honesty, my  food struggles propelled me into the blogging world. My first confession (of a Gordita) was  about a passionate and short lived love affair I had with Panda Express. I wrote it in my car, sat out side of Panda Express for as long as I could because I didn’t want my food to go to waste lol. I felt a horrible feeling of being torn between the guilt of eating Panda Express and the strong will to stuff my face. I’ve struggled all my life with weight and it truly has been a hard battle losing what weight I have lost. Posting that confession sort of liberated my anxiety and I found that most of my friends understood my struggle with food and weight loss. I found that I can offer a little bit laughter and It was that silliness that has really helped me cope.  So, thus began my blogging. I’m still new at it, I’m still learning, and I’ve seen a lot of wonderful blogs that make mine look wimpy and wordless, but this is me and I can only hope my rants and raves will help me meet others who are fighting that same battle because even when the battle has been won…we still struggle with the aftermath of feelings .

Hope to have done this right….

Confessions of a Gordita: embracing truth, struggles, and hope

So Day 2 of the Zero to Hero challenge was a tuffy for me.  I spend most of my yesterday, last night, and early dawn trying to figure this one out but I got it after many failed attempts to find something that would compliment my title. I didn’t want to lose sight of what point I was trying to get across, for distraction is something I tend to gravitate towards. I asked a friend “Why does one confess?” His answers got some gears tickin’.  So, Confessions of a Gordita is a attempt to embrace my truth, hence, my tagline. YAY! Finally sleep!

Zero to Hero: 30 Day Blog Challenge

I’ve joined the WordPress Zero to Hero 30 Days to a better blog challenge. My first challenge is an introduction post. So, here goes nothing. Better late than never!!

My name is Lili and I am  31, a teacher, a dreamer, a sister, a aunt to 3 traviesos whom I love to death. An  analyzer of life, a newcomer to blogging, but mostly I’m a learner and I have a new found passion for making healthier choices for my body, as well as, for my mind.  It has  been a struggle and I’ve had more downs than ups but everyday is a chance to try again.  I started this blog with the intention to write about my weight and food struggles since most of my friends got a kick out of my first dramatic Confession of a Gordita . A  lot of people struggle with weight and although I have gotten to a point where I can’t shop in the plus size section anymore, my battle is with my mind.  Being a gordita is something you struggle with even when you’ve lost weight. The whole change of lifestyle is a hard path but whats harder is the mentality change. So, I cope with laughter, with tears, and with writing. Writing it and putting it out there with the intentions of not hiding a single thing.

No excuses

SO… I have a confession…well, I have a lot of confessions…but some are only for God’s ears. LOL….The worse thing is that no me da verguenza when I say that I stuffed my face all December long. I’m terrified of stepping on the scale so my plan is to jump back on the wagon and hit it hard for the month of January. Then, I’ll weigh myself, assess my damage, gather my thoughts, make a plan, and give myself motivation to continue on a healthy path. The hard part is the damage control. I don’t know if all those tamales  y posole were worth it. Who am I kidding, deep down I’m telling myself they are worth it.  Continue reading

A moment of peace

While standing in a long long line at HEB I had a few forced moments to think and slow down. Its a shame that the only time I slow down is when I’m forced to. It was a chaotic moment of peace.  Everyone was rushed, arguing, getting after their children, talking on the phone (and for awhile I was too), people pushing and shoving … It was the perfect God given moment.  I thanked  God for  forcing me to slow my soul and asked him for guidance and understanding

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